Sunday, February 10, 2013

OOoh my destiny

"Whats meant to be will always be meant to be."Do you believe in the in life as a matter of chance or life as a matter of choice? Do you believe in destiny? These questions pop on my head every time I commit a mistake, fail something or even the other way around, when Im happy, proud,grateful, in love and all the good or bad feelings in the world.
I love the idea of freewill. God died for us on the cross to save our souls. The greatest gift he endowed us is the precious gift of freewill. I believe that God gave us the power to take control of our own actions.Only ten percent of the things that happen in our life is the actual thing that happen, ninety percent is how we react on it. So if you are sad, ask yourself what you did that make you sad . According to Newtons third law of motion , in every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. So it all starts with your reaction to the wide array of events that happen to you. Could it be in love, career, family and in all aspects of life. When I first fell in love I thought it would be my last time to fall in love that he would be the last person I would love. But I was wrong. I asked God a million times why do I have to go through all this pain. But He did not answer my prayer. Instead I keep on hurting. When I fail my entrance exam to the university I dream of, I was more than disgusted of myself. I felt so stupid. When I cant fight for myself I feel dumb and futile. I always wait for a hero to save me from the havoc that life brings. 
 But now I know that to survive , I must be my own hero. I am well aware that my heart is bigger than my brain and now I know why I had  those kill-me-now feelings for myself.  You can predict what I would say next , because I learned from my experience. Yes, its right.  I was broken hearted because God is prepping me up for my Mr. right, I failed the entrance exam so I can meet my friends that has been dear to me, I cant fight for myself  so I can be awake of the reality that I am extraordinary. And so are you.. If you want to be great, the choose and act like you are great.
So do you play life by chance or by choice? The decision is yours. Thats all for now bloggers..