Sunday, December 18, 2011

Experience is but the greatest teacher

     How do you feel when its almost christmas and a "boom" strikes? The most important and should- be-happy season of the year, is being wreaked by a storm. For some, nothing was left. But for the others who were, should I say lucky ,  nothing was lost and experience was a profit.
      December 16, 2011 when it happened. Lives were sacrificed, about 500 people were dead. 
Many people suffered and were homeless. Parents who lost their children and children who lost their parents. Spending the yuletide season with sparkling decorations, expensive foods and gifts underneath the big gliterry christmas tree is now out of the big picture. For the victims of this tragic event, having christmas with their family intact and alive matters most. On the 15th , the night before the storm, I was heading through SM with my sister and it was already rainy. The dark clouds and the hard gush of winds approached me. But I did not mind it. What's  important to me that time was just to wander off. Experience is but the greatest teacher. We took off from SM around 1 am. The storm was raging towards the streets and I couldn't even maneuver the steering wheel. . The storm was mild at that time. Then the night that I will never forget for the rest of my life then took place at that moment and at the time after I pulled over and dropped my sister's friend. Street lights were shut off and and the ravage of the winds were doubled. I pressed the hazard button and drove as fast as I could. The steering wheel was beyond my control. I can feel the agony of the engine as I drove off. The thing on my mind was to save ourselves and the  " I told you so" yelling of our grandmother. We prayed and asked God for aid. Then after 15 minutes of rush driving, we arrived home. But I couldn't park the car inside our apartment since the water is knee-high. So parked on the the elevated space across the street. I removed my animal-print wedge and crossed the water filled area. The air tripled and at last! we were home safe.
         I did thank God for that memorable experience. That eventuality urged me to wait and learn the relevance of patience and most of all faith. God is always and always will be on our side whether or not we did good or bad and most of all God will always forgive but never forget and so should we. The wide array of experiences shouldn't be trashed. We should always ponder on the lessons and the virtue we learn from these.